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Jura Energy Corp.

Jura energy corporation is an independent oil and gas venture which is enlisted on TSX exchange. It is engaged in exploration natural resources (oil and petroleum) in Pakistan and along with this exploration it is conducting research for further improvement…..

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Spud Energy Pty Ltd.

Spud energy is an oil exploring company which as initially acquired by Eastern Petroleum Ltd. On July 11, 2012, it was endorsed to Jura Energy Corp. for $24.12 million. Currently, its headquarter is located in Islamabad. Mr. Shahzad has also…..

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REBgold Corp.

REBgold Corporation which was formerly known as Bac Tech Mining Corporation was established in 1988 in Canada. Its headquarter is located in Toronto, Canada. REBgold is mainly involved in the exploration and development of precious resources (mainly metals). Sulphide ores…..

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Shahzad Ashfaq with his double bachelors’ degree in International Studies and Economics from Macalester College (one of the oldest and highly prestigious institutes of the USA) is now a prominent figure in the realm of investment sector. Shahzad Ashfaq graduated with honor, Magna Cum Laude. His educational tenure is a classic example of how a struggling and determined student can merge studies and co-curricular activity and ace the exams with the right preparation at the right time. If anyone is looking for an inspiration, Shahzad Ashfaq is the person to look forward to. He managed to graduate with great honor and acquired the best training and knowledge from his institute. Shahzad is one of the professionals who can use his polished skills to transform the overlooked section of natural resources into a highly productive one. And over the time, he has proven this with the great opportunities he has seized to exhibit his intelligence and talents.

Shahzad Fakhar Ashfaq’s Academics Financial Analyst & Economist

Economics Graduate

Mr. Shahzad Fakhar Ashfaq graduated in the discipline of International Studies & Economics from Macalester College situated in Saint Paul, Minnesota, US. Founded in 1874, which makes it, one of the oldest and renowned institute of USA.

Training from the Best School

Macalester Colleg served as a training institute where he acquired knowledge and sharpened his skills to fetch the hidden opportunities in the overlooked sectors. Due to his hard work and keen interest in the subject, he graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Pre-Stanhill Captial Partners/Other Experience

Shahzad Fakhar Ashfaq started his career in 1991 exploring the opportunities and hidden potential of the natural resource sector. From the beginning of career, he worked in capital markets and investment sector.

Over 25 Years of Experience

Shahzad Ashfaq has over 25 years of experience in the field of economics and financial analysis. He started his professional career in 1991 and after a long journey in this field he is now providing financial consultancy to numerous organizations including a few leading banks worldwide.

CAREER Shahzad Ashfaq’s Professional Journey

Stanhill Capital

Managing Director

Shahzad Fakhar Ashfaq joined Stanhill Capital Partners in 1999 and is still providing his services to the firm. In this long period of time, he worked in different groups and divisions of the firm and explored unconventional opportunities.

Touchstone Gold

Co- Founder

Touchstone Gold is a project that was set up by the efforts of Mr. Shahzad in 2009. Its headquarter is located in UK. As he is specialized in the mining sector, his proper involvement and hard work took Touchstone to the great heights of success.

Nomura International

Vice President

Nomura International Plc was established in 1981 with its headquarter situated in London. It provides financial services including advisory, raising financial capital, underwriting, custody, asset management and employment services.

Juinper Capital

Managing Director

Juniper Capital Partners has a huge number of services on its portfolio. It provides services. Along with providing financial assistance to oil and gas companies, it focuses on healthcare and real estate investments as well.

Our Clients

Shahzad Ashfaq has not only worked with these clients, he has gotten over hundreds of different financial institutions in his portfolio. With a resounding start of his financial career in the year 1991 he kept on reaching the apex of success with his hard work, dedication, and innovative capability. Shahzad Ashfaq aims to promote the financial capability of Pakistan's economy with his expertise. He is planning to launch a very own financial and business planning organization that would provide free consultancy to the emerging businesses and startups from Pakistan. Shahzad aims to empower the economic condition that has been dented by various internal and external consequences the country is facing. He believes that with utmost dedication, honesty and creativity we still can be an economically developed country with minimum inflation. He has been working with various governmental bodies to help control the financial frauds and corruption to recover the dented economy and to keep the the flow of money fluent from foreign exchange to stabilize the monetary value of the currency. Shahzad Ashfaq has contributed to various digital platforms with his immaculate expertise over the financial planning topics, investment planning and taxation. Shahzad is known for his amazing writing skills, he's pretty good in story-telling and depicting the scenarios that fits in nicely to back his statements and analysis. With a humble personality and professional attitude he can help you bolster your business by controlling your finances.